From selling building nails to living my dream

Helping people find and boost their potential and inspire them to inspire others

I truly believe that we all have a huge potential.

Yes, you do too.

Over the years I learnt that there are 3 kinds of people as far as the leadership potential is concerned:

Which one are you?

Are you struggling to find your potential, your superpower or maybe you do not know where to start?

Whether you are 1, 2 or 3 I know what it is like.
I have been there myself.

I know how it feels believing you have no potential, feeling lost and frustrated or maybe you feel you have something to give to the world, but you do not know where to start.

I have learned and unlearned many things, I have failed many times but there has been one lesson that has stuck with me forever that has helped me overcome many obstacles and grow. 

¨drip theory¨
but before that .

Let me take you back a few years.

My parents raised 5 children in a very small village by selling building nails and growing potatoes. When I was 10 years old and when my dad was not there, I naturally took the responsibility of going to the center of the village to sell building nails and rope strings (all of my friends would take a mickey out of me the next day at school).

I remember one day I went home extremely happy because I had sold a lot of building nails and strings.

When I told my dad what I had achieved he saw my excitement and happiness on my face. I was so excited that I just could not stop playing with the money I had in my hands.

My father would not show any emotions at all.

I then started getting a bit worried.

When I finished talking, he asked me a question:
Son, if you were a potato plant, would you rather have a thunderstorm where it rains a lot for a whole day, or some drips every day?

Drips – I responded but not sure why.
Then my dad said – If you sell a little bit every day you will always have something to eat, whereas if you sell a lot one day then nothing for a few days, you will suffer more.

This is when my dad introduced me to


By my dad Xhafer Basha

But I did not fully realize how POWERFUL this theory was until I was 30. I then started to look for mentors, read books (I had never read a book before that) and learn from everyone around me every day. Not only did I see changes in my behaviour but I discovered my potential & purpose.


If you want to have a sustainable business, personal growth, great relationships, be healthy, play an infinite game or be the leader you would like to be then you need to invest in yourself a:

DRIP a day.

If you were a potato plant would you rather have a thunderstorm or a drip everyday?

This theory led me to find the answer to this question:

Why do some leaders make people thrive and others don´t?

Why only a few leaders are able to get their people to believe in their vision and make it a reality?

And discovered the components of an Entreprelearner¨

Being an Entreprelearner explains how leaders like Nelson Mandela & Oprah Winfrey and many more became GREAT, how they lived and continue living a fulfilling life and make a difference in society.

The ¨DRIP¨ theory and entreprelearner´s mindset have helped me grow and become the person that I am today and find my purpose.

Whether you want to:

the theory and the developing entreprelearner´s mindset really work

This has helped me inspire thousands of people and attract speaking engagement, teach and collaborate with many companies and business schools such as: Swarowski, Danone, EADA Business School, Microsoft, Telefonica, Luxiainternational, Boehringer Ingelheim, MediaPro, Xing, Alcampo, Ser Cataluña, Zigurat etc ….

They have helped me inspire thousands of people and attract speaking engagement and collaborate with many companies such as:

And my purpose is:

To help you find and boost your potential.

Live a fulfilling life and inspire you to inspire others.
As the result of my work you find your true purpose, feel empowered and determined to live your dream and feel inspired to inspire others

Who else do you know that needs to find their true purpose and be fulfilled every day?




The Roadmap to boosting your potential & INSPIRE